Saturday, August 16, 2014

Garnet Jewelry

I must admit I wasn't very fond of Garnets when I was younger, I much preferred rubies, but as I get older I love garnets as well. Garnets look great in a number of different styles of jewelry from heart pendants to Gothic pieces -

Buy your loved one a Garnet heart this Valentines Day, if she was born in January you'll be showing her that you know it's her birthstone and she'll think you're incredibly thoughtful

Garnets have been used since Roman times and have been embraced by many cultures such as the Aztecs and Native American Indians it is supposed to energise the wearer and to keep depression at bay (or even homesickness).

Garnets come in all colors except blue, but they are typically thought of as red, probably because from Renaissance times through to the Victorian era the garnets used were from the Bohemian deposits in Czechoslovakia.

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